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Press Release: COLOR Action Fund Releases Primary Endorsements


Media Contact: Aurea Bolaños Perea,

Strategic Communications Director

DENVER, CO - COLOR Action Fund is pleased to announce endorsements for the June 2024 Colorado Primary election:

Democratic Primary Endorsements:

Dr. Yadira Caraveo, Congressional District 8

Obi Ezeadi, Senate District 19

Mike Weissman, Senate District 28

Tim Hernández, House District 4

Junie Joseph, House District 10

Yara Zokaie, House District 52

Incumbent Legislator Endorsements:

Meg Froelich, House District 3

Karen McCormick, House District 11

Brianna Titone, House District 27

Lorena Garcia, House District 35

Elizabeth Velasco, House District 57

COLOR Action Fund’s mission is to build political and electoral power. Our strategy focuses on opportunities at all policymaking levels, holds elected officials accountable for our issue priorities, and helps elect people who support and help advance our mission. Our endorsements are limited to incumbents who demonstrate values-aligned policymaking during the legislative session. Our primary election endorsements represent candidates who show potential to become champions for their policy positions and their unique perspectives and analyses.

We work to foster an infrastructure that supports community leaders, increases values-aligned representation in elected offices, builds political influence, and reframes the narrative around our issues. Latinos represent over 20% of Colorado’s population and are the second-largest and fastest-growing voting block nationwide. It is imperative that our community is informed about this election and feels represented at all levels of government.

At a time when the future of abortion access is at stake, we call on RJ Champions and allies, pillars of Democracy across Colorado, to be firm and unwavering in their conviction that we must do everything in our power to protect a future where Coloradans can lead safe, healthy, self-determined lives.

For any questions regarding COLOR AF’s endorsement, please contact Dusti Gurule, President and CEO at COLOR Action Fund, at



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