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To create a culture of political influence in Colorado and the State Legislature that supports Reproductive Justice values, COLOR AF released its first-ever RJ Based Legislative Scorecard in our history. Reproductive justice is, by definition, led by women of color. As the only Reproductive Justice-based Action Fund in Colorado, this scorecard highlights legislative action on access to the full spectrum of reproductive health services for all Coloradans. We also use the intersectional policies we actively engage in that allow our communities to lead healthy and safe lives, such as workers' rights, safety, access to the ballot, and the empowerment of immigrant communities.

Our dedicated team meticulously scored sixteen bills, spanning a wide range of issues including voting rights, healthcare equity, workers and immigrant rights, and access to abortion care. The results are telling: the average score of a woman serving in the Legislature is 84%, and a Latino or Black Caucus member averages 98% on their support for the issues that are of utmost importance to our communities.

This data reaffirms our core belief at COLOR Action Fund — that no one leads single-issue lives, and that Representation Matters. It serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of intersectionality and the need for diverse voices in our political landscape.

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