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NBC News Latino: Disillusionment plagues young Latinos who could decide the 2024 race in battleground states

Published on April 28, 2024 on NBC News.

In the western U.S., which includes the battlegrounds of Arizona and Nevada, Latinos are nearly 4 of every 10 newly eligible voters — defined as those who have reached ages 18 or 19 since the 2022 midterms. In the South, Latinos are 24% of newly eligible voters, and in the Northeast they make up 19%.

It’s unclear how that will play out in this election cycle. “There’s a general sense of both parties are the same, nothing’s going to change; institutions have failed us; we don’t trust any of the institutions no matter who’s in power,” said political scientist Stella Rouse, director of ASU’s Hispanic Research Center.

A few days after Arizona’s Supreme Court upheld an 1864 law imposing a near total ban on abortions, Guerrero, the biology student at ASU, said in a text that the court’s decision makes him feel more compelled to vote, though he hadn’t decided how he’ll vote.

Across the board, regardless of political leanings, young Latino college students supported abortion rights.

Mariajose Leon, 19, a freshman studying biomedical science and Spanish at ASU, said abortion is a human rights issue that is “very black and white — women should have the right to decide.”

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