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Amabile, J. (D)




How did your legislator demonstrate #RJValues?


Informed Consent To Intimate Patient Examinations  

Requires informed consent from patients for pelvic, prostate and rectal exams


Unemployment Compensation Dependent Allowance    

Gives parents who are on unemployment an extra $35 a week


Earned Income and Child Tax Credits    

Increases the Earned Income and Child Tax Credits, both proven effective in reducing poverty


Inclusive Language Emergency Situations

Funds a study to determine what is needed to be able to provide emergency alerts in minority languages, and what local 911 agencies need in order to provide live interpretation during a 911 call, both by July 1, 2024.



Reduce Justice-involvement For Young Children

Requires each county to implement an assistance program that law enforcement must use to refer any child under 13 accused of a crime.


Mobile Home Park Water Quality

Creates a water testing program for mobile home parks, with processes for remediation, and a grant program to address water quality issues. 


Extreme Risk Protection Order Petitions

Expands the list of who can petition for an extreme risk protection order, and requires the office of gun violence prevention to expend funds annually on a public education campaign regarding the process for requesting an order.


Protecting Patients and Providers

Protects abortion and gender-affirming care patients, providers, and those who help them from interstate criminal and civil threats.


Insurance Coverage for Protected Health Care

Reduces surprise billing and removes patient cost sharing for reproductive health care services, including STI treatment and abortion care; and, codifies many of the preventative services from the ACA that were removed in the SCOTUS Braidwood decision.


Prohibiting Deceptive Practices at Anti-Abortion Centers (AAC)

Prohibits the use of deceptive advertising by anti-abortion centers and makes it unprofessional conduct to adminster "abortion pill reversal."


Ensure 12-month Contraception Coverage

Closes loopholes and helps ensure that insurers and pharmacy benefit managers comply with existing law and allow patients to obtain a year’s supply of birth control at one time.


Coverage for Doula Services

Requires robust stakeholder engagement to inform the development of HCPF's new Medicaid doula reimbursement benefit, and creates a doula scholarship program for birth workers seeking to provide care to Medicaid enrollees.

Amabile, J. (D)

Amabile, J. (D)




Justice Grade

Legislative Score


*Legislative Ratings account for 50% of the overall grade.

**indicates the legislator voted in favor of COLOR's position while an X indicates they voted against COLOR's position.

n/a did not get voted on in chamber.

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