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The COLOR Action Fund Small Donor Committee supports Reproductive Justice candidates for office at the State Legislative level. Candidates provided answers to over 20 questions related to the empowerment of our communities and all candidates endorsed aligned with COLOR values.

This SDC runs the only candidate endorsement process in the state of Colorado entirely centered on the central components of RJ:

• A person has the human right to decide when and if they will have a child and the conditions under which they will define and expand their family


• A person has the human right to decide if they will not have a child and thus access to preventing or ending a pregnancy in a safe and dignified manner


• A person has the human right to care for their family with the necessary social supports in safe environments, healthy and sustainable communities


• A person has the human right to express gender identity, sexual orientation and sexuality freely

• ...and all without fear of violence, discrimination, separation, surveillance or retaliation from individuals or the government.

Reproductive Justice voters want more from their candidates than merely being a consistent vote in our favor; we demand leaders who prioritize the needs of our communities in every step of their campaigns and policy proposals.


Check out our list of endorsed candidates below.


Check out to learn more about how to vote in 2020.


Candidates who are interested in entering the COLOR AF SDC Endorsement process should contact Political and Outreach Director Gena Ozols at



We will not collect or use your personal information or location without your knowledge or consent.

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