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Coloradans for Protecting Reproductive Freedom

Protecting abortion rights
wins elections.
We saw it last year when voters rejected abortion restrictions and affirmed expanded protections. After, Ohio voters sealed abortion rights into their state constitution while in 2022, Kansas, Kentucky, and Michigan followed suit. 

NOW, we’re pushing to protect Coloradans’ right to abortion care by removing harmful economic barriers.
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Abortion Access is Critical to Economic Security.
Abortion Access is
Critical to Self-Determination.
Abortion Access is
Critical to Self-Reliance.

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Reproductive Justice is Economic Justice.

Economic Justice means ALL people have the tools and resources they need to thrive.

What does this look like? Autonomy to make the decision of:
  • Whether and when to have children.
  • Expanding access to high-quality and affordable child care.
  • Ensuring safe homes, safe neighborhoods, living wages.
  • Access to comprehensive healthcare that covers all forms of reproductive healthcare.

When any of these necessities are threatened, reproductive justice and economic justice are undermined. 


As a Reproductive Justice organization, we know the best way to support our communities is by voting to support policies that allow us to thrive and grow. 


We are working hard to secure the right to an abortion in the state of Colorado and expand access for all Coloradans.

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Coloradans for Protecting Reproductive Freedom

“We work to ensure that abortion and reproductive justice are on-ramps to the democratic process. We work to ensure that our community has a voice in our democracy. When I say Democracy,  I mean the fullness of Democracy. The fullness of Democracy means civic participation, of course, but it also means access, it means safety, it means living the lives we determine for ourselves, with the family and community that we choose to love, ALL without fear or stigma, coercion, or criminalization.” Dusti Gurule, President and CEO of COLOR AF.

Know Your Elections

Whether local, state, or national, your vote is your voice. Understand when, where, and how to cast it effectively. Discover our Reproductive Justice Champions who are leading the charge for change.

Paid for by COLOR Action Fund. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Dusti Gurule Registered Agent.

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